Our COVID-19 Statement

At Innotech Nutrition we love our customers and as a manufacturer of natural health foods we solely focus our attention on the production of high-quality effective products with the utmost care. Any past, present or future employees, part time, full time or contract consultants of any kind that may participate in blogs, pod casts, events, rallies, or any social media are representing themselves and the views and opinions expressed may not reflect those of Innotech Nutrition. Innotech Nutrition does not involve itself in any politics and does not participate in political events.

Innotech Nutrition manufactures the highest quality natural health food products for our valued customers and therefore we adhere to strict health and safety guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as outlined by the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate of Health Canada. We also follow membership guidelines of the Canadian Health Food Association. The Government of Canada has identified Innotech Nutrition as an “Essential Services” business under Canada’s National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure. As a manufacturer of food and health products during COVID-19, further measures have been added to our GMPs ensuring the continued delivery of safe natural health products for our customers to help maintain their optimal health. We are working around the clock to preserve our supply chain and ensure we meet deliveries and customer needs. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of Innotech Nutrition to fully support the official guidance and actions of the Government of Canada and each of the provinces to minimize the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadians and our customers around the world.

Innotech Nutrition respects and appreciates our Manitoba Healthcare providers on the frontline and the care and dedication of health care workers and others on the frontlines of this pandemic across Canada and throughout the world. We appreciate and praise the critical role they play in identifying, reporting and managing potential cases of COVID-19 to keep us all safe and we equally respect their right to health safety and encourage all Canadians to follow Coronavirus disease guidance issued by the Government of Canada.

Innotech Nutrition, formed in 2001, is a natural health product manufacturing and distribution company located in Winnipeg, MB, CANADA. We distribute high quality natural health products and foods through retail stores, pharmacies, and doctors. Innotech Nutrition is the premier source for convenient and effective natural supplements. Based on scientifically supported ingredients, our proprietary, innovative products are designed to help customers achieve their wellness goals at all stages of their healthy lifestyle journey. Learn to live healthy with Innotech Nutrition.

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