Testimonial – Liquid Ionic Magnesium

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For the past twenty years I have suffered with premature atricular contractions or PAC’s.  These are a form of irregular heartbeats and are extremely uncomfortable and frightening.  I went to numerous cardiologists and was always told they are not life threatening, you just have to live with them.  One day I came upon a YouTube video suggesting that taking larger doses of magnesium could help with PAC’s.  I decided to try it but found that large doses of magnesium in pill form gave me a constant upset stomach and diarreah.  

Luckily I mentioned this to my chiropractor and she mentioned this product by Innotech Nutrition.  It is liquid magnesium and it is taken orally, but it is absorbed sublingually, which means it never goes through your stomach but is absorbed directly into your system therefore bypassing the stomach and that means no upset stomach or diarreah.  This product is amazing.  Since taking it for several months now, I have no problems with my stomach but the best news is the difference it has made in my PAC’s.  I still get them but they are so infrequent now and when I do get one it is much lighter in it’s force.  There is no big thump in my chest anymore.  This product has improved my quality of life so much, I can’t say enough good things about it.  If you suffer from PAC’s I would definitely recommend you try Magnesium Liquid Ionic.  What have you got to lose?