10 Winter Health Tips for the Whole Family!

  1. Break the incubation cycle!  Incubation of flu and cold pathogens takes place in the throat. Using a potent and effective essential oil oral Spray kills these bugs quickly and your body does the rest of the job to win the fight! Use Innotech’s ” COLFLEX Oral Spray” effective, convenient, small Spray bottles that are easy for each family member to carry around with them, and a great stocking stuffer! 
  2. Say NO to sugar!  Refined sugar impedes your white blood cells’ ability to protect you from invading microbes. To sweeten up your recipes, use Innotech’s natural Whole Leaf Stevia (a wonderful flavour and comes with some great Health benefits, search it up!)
  3. Sleep! Be in bed by 11:00 pm – or earlier. The activity of our immune system varies according to a daily rhythm: it rests at night, and so should you.  Staying up late impedes your natural killer cells in your immune system. Use Innotech’s “Ionic Magnesium ” at bedtime for a deep , fully restful sleep! 
  4. Drink up. It’s easy to become slightly dehydrated in the dry winter months. Inhaled viruses cling to the back of the nose and throat – if those areas are moist they do a better job of keeping the bugs out. Parched mucous membranes are less effective at warding off pathogens. Enjoy plenty of herbal tea, soup, and other nourishing winter beverages. Drink “CardioFlex” (orange, Berry, or grape juice powder) throughout the day, great for the whole family, complete with high quality Vitamin C, amino acids, and electrolytes! 
  5. Get moving. Regular, moderate intensity aerobic exercise boosts immune activity, reducing frequency of the common cold. Use “NaturePro” protein or Innotech organic fermented Vegan protein in smoothies or shaker cups for energy to stay active! 
  6. Slash stress. Excess cortisol will depress immunity faster than you can say “influenza”. Use “Detox 101” , 1/2 oz into juice or water, loaded with humic and fulfil acids to fight stress. A quick sip of Ionic Mag is also a quick fix for daytime tension/stress! 
  7. Take Vitamin D! Cold and flu season peaks in the dark winter months when our sunshine vitamin levels bottoms out. Use Innotech’s Vitamin D Oral Spray, easy to use, 1000 iu per pump, great for the whole family to avoid vitamin D deficiencies! 
  8. Take probiotics! Studies show that people who supplement with probiotics have fewer, shorter and less severe colds and flu. A recent trial showed that preschoolers who supplemented with probiotics missed less school, had fewer visits to the doctor and took less medication for upper respiratory tract infections than those who took a placebo. Use Innotech’s “Kids and Us Liquid Probiotic”,  1/2 to 1 oz into a small amount of juice or water!
  9. Reach for zinc.  People who take zinc supplements recover from cold symptoms days faster. Our intestines limit the amount of zinc we absorb, but you can achieve better zinc absorption with the ionic sublingual form. Use Innotech’s Ionic Zinc mixed into a small amount of juice or water!
  10. Hand washing. The hand is quicker than the sneeze in the spread of seasonal illness. Frequent hand washing will reduce your exposure to viruses. Get a natural hand soap from your local health store.